Can You Ride A Giraffe? (Is It Even Legal?!)

Humans are having fun riding animals. And people are asking whether it is okay to ride a giraffe. If you are curious too, keep reading to learn more about this subject.

So can you ride a giraffe? The answer can be yes if you would try hard for it. You see, the giraffe’s body is not made for riding; that is why no person is riding a giraffe.

Some animals are used for transportation. Horses and camels are at the top of that list. This is because there are animals that are designed for riding, like horses and camels. 

However, people are curious about some animals and whether they can be ridden or not. Horses are even trained to be ridden on. 

Even cows are ridden by people and are very useful in terms of farming. But when it comes to giraffes, it just does not work the same way. If you look at a giraffe, their body is not for riding. 

Yes, if you will look at a giraffe, riding it can be possible. If a person would try hard to ride the giraffe, they definitely can. But it would be difficult and dangerous too. 

The body of the giraffe is not just meant for riding. Giraffes have not been trained, and their body is not suited for riding. If you look at a giraffe, their back is very steep, and they even have a bump on the base of their neck. 

If you ride them, you need a lot of help. You might also need help in making the perfect and helpful saddle. 

So let us further discuss the giraffe’s body and if it is legal or illegal to ride them. Let us get started.

Has Anyone Ever Rode A Giraffe?

This is a question that is almost blind. Almost anyone can try to ride a giraffe, and it would not be listed on the world’s data. 

Anyone could have tried to ride a giraffe. But in a broader sense, giraffes are still not domesticated because it is not easy to take care of a giraffe. It would also be hard for someone to grow a herd of giraffes. 

And the structure of the giraffe is not just significantly meant to be ridden. It can be uncomfortable and difficult. 

It should also be added that a giraffe was not yet trained to be ridden on. They are trained to be in a zoo and not to be in transportation.

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Can You Legally Ride A Giraffe?

You can own a giraffe legally. In almost all states, you need to secure a lot of permits to own a giraffe legally. So if you try to ride a giraffe, it can be legal. 

However, harming the giraffe physically is another story. A giraffe can be harmed while being ridden on. The person riding the giraffe must not be wearing any sharp clothes or objects that can harm or injure the giraffe. 

The weight must also be considered. The giraffe can be physically harmed if the person riding them is enormous. 

These giraffes are not trained to be ridden on, so they are not experts in keeping a person on their back. So it is better to be careful so you will not harm your giraffe.

riding giraffe

How To Ride A Giraffe?

As mentioned, it is not advisable to ride a giraffe. Their body is not just meant to be ridden. The actual saddling up can be challenging already, much more than the actual riding. 

But if you want to learn how to ride a giraffe, you need to train the giraffe first. Here are the steps for that. However, you must know that actual people do not use these steps to train a giraffe; these are only theoretical steps. 

If you try to execute this, you might encounter a lot of bumps during the actual riding. But first, you need to have your giraffe. This is a no-brainer.

You cannot ride a giraffe if you cannot train one. And you cannot train a giraffe if you do not have one. You cannot ride a giraffe that you can see in the zoo or any private institution. 

So if you are serious about trying to ride a giraffe, you need to have a giraffe. The first step is already a challenge. If you buy a wild giraffe, you will already have a hard time just getting close to the giraffe because wild giraffes will not let you get close to them. 

It would be better too to get a baby giraffe. In that way, you can raise the giraffe your way.  Giraffes are considered wild animals, and in the United States, giraffes are known as exotics. 

You can legally own a giraffe, but many states will require a lot of permits for you to own a giraffe. Aside from that, you will also need an appropriate house for the giraffe and appropriate food. If you already have your giraffe, you can now domesticate your giraffe.

Before actually teaching the giraffe to be ridden on, you must first teach the giraffe to be gentle, especially to you. You need the giraffe to be gentle and comfortable with you. If you have already done that, train your giraffe to follow basic commands. 

If that is done, you need to have a ladder or some walk-up to be on the giraffe level. Next is to teach the giraffe to be ridden on. 

This is a tricky part because you will have to think of ways to steer your giraffe in a specific direction and how you can sit on the back of the giraffe. You will also need a customized saddle for you to get on the back of the giraffe.

Where Can You Ride A Giraffe?

If you own a giraffe, you can try riding them yourself. However, there are places in the world that offer giraffe riding. You can search the internet or ask your local city for any information about an institution that offers giraffe riding.


In summary, giraffes are amazing creatures with their long necks and tall height. In terms of riding, giraffes are not tame yet. 

They are not trained to be ridden, and training these giraffes to be ridden on is not a very popular decision. The body of the giraffe is not meant for riding.


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