What Countries Have Safaris? (For 2021)

When we talk about Safaris, we all know African countries have the upper hand. However, some other countries offer the same experience, and you may wonder about all of it. Thus, you may ask:

What countries have safaris? The African countries with safaris are Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Namibia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Other countries with safaris are Borneo, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, India, and the Philippines.

One thing to note is that the list below isn’t all the countries with safaris. Some other countries may have a small safari. However, the list below includes the countries with the best and well-known safaris you can experience.

The first eight countries in this article will cover the African countries with safaris. The second batch will cover 11 other countries outside Africa that also have safaris.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Botswana is one of the best African countries that boast of the Safari experience. It offers picturesque sceneries that will give your cameras a good shot, and it’s something your eyes can feast upon. 

All in all, it’s a good country where you can watch the best side of wildlife in all its unspoiled glory.

One thing to note is that Botswana also charges relatively high for the privilege. If you want a premium experience and won’t mind spending a lot on it, this country is for you.


Tanzania is a country that offers various landscapes such as forests and savannas. It all comes along with a significant wildlife population that will give you the safari experience.

In short, this country is the place to go if you want the best chance of spotting all wildlife species in a limited time. Another good thing about Tanzania is that it has a diverse range of services. Thus, it’s open for all kinds of tourists since they can go for it depending on their budget.


Kenya is one of the well-renowned countries when it comes to safari destinations. Due to its popularity, you can see all the safari and tourism-related things entirely developed here.

The only downside of such a development is its effect on the wildlife. Due to tourism, the wildlife in Kenya significantly decreased. 

In short, you may find the best facilities and accommodation in this country. However, you may not get the best side of wildlife, which is the heart of every safari experience.


Zambia is the country well-known for being the home of Victoria Falls. If you’re up for fantastic scenery, this country is for you.

However, it’s not the best one when it comes to wildlife and safari experience. For instance, it’s not your best chance of spotting the big five animals of the wild in here.

South Africa

South Africa is the country to go to if you’re looking for a highly-developed country that offers a safari experience.

It boasts of a luxurious way for every traveler that it welcomes. Among these are beaches and even wineries. It even has areas that will give you a cosmopolitan and western feel.

With all these things, a downside is the loss of the best safari and wildlife experience.

In short, the luxury compensates for the lack of the wilderness feel in the country. It’s something that makes a big part of the safari experience.


This country offers a unique safari experience due to its desert environment. 

Namibia is famous for the desert habitat, and it’s pretty different than what you’ll get from typical safaris. It’s a good thing depending on your preference. 

However, for some people, the availability of wildlife in Namibia can be less than what they want.

Due to the desert environment, animals have a sparse population. Moreover, the major ones you may expect may not be available or impossible to track. 


If you’re more on the chimps and mountain gorillas, Uganda is your country to visit. 

In general, this country boasts of fascinating species that you won’t likely find in typical safaris of other countries.

The downside to this country is that it has a smaller population than the rest. 

Another thing is that the country’s tourism development isn’t that much yet. Thus, you may find it problematic if you depend much on the tourist programs.


This country can offer an amazingly high wildlife population and picturesque views.

The only downside you may find worrisome is its political instability. 

Due to such a problem, it discourages many tourists from visiting. Such an issue affects tourism quite a lot.

Despite the maintenance of facilities and unique wildlife experience, the safety of travelers is still an issue to solve. 

Countries outside Africa that have safaris

The term safari is almost always connected to African countries. In fact, we all know that safari is at its best in Africa. Still, for those who can’t access the country, you may find the following a suitable option to consider.


Borneo is a mix of Asian islands that boasts of fantastic wildlife. Thus, it falls nothing short when it comes to giving you a safari experience. 

This island offers the rarest species in it through a journey with Natural World Safaris.

They take travels on an adventure into the heart of the island. It’s generally an unspoiled beauty of the wilderness that you can enjoy for five long days.


Sumatra in Indonesia boasts of comical orangutans or what the natives call the men of the forest.

These travel agencies will give you the best safari experience in Sumatra. They will give you a chance to enjoy and experience primates and other animals. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka might be a small country on the surface. However, it offers plenty of fantastic wildlife for your eyes to feast upon as you visit. The best animal they offer are leopards, which you can see in the Yala National Park.

The country also has luxury camps for safari experiences excellently. 

Other species you can find are Asian elephants with tiny ears, crocodiles, and different bird species.


Mauritius is an island on the Indian ocean that offers wildlife both land and underwater by riding a submarine.

It’s a different way of experiencing wildlife due to being underwater. This safari experience will give your eyes the chance to see different exotic fishes. 


If you’re a fan of tigers, India might give you the enjoyable experience of safari with its popular Bengal tigers.

You can see other animals in this country are crocodiles, leopards, langur monkeys, and even sloth bears.

Moreover, the Kaziranga National Park will offer you the world’s most significant population of Bengal tigers. Moreover, it will give you the sight of wild animals such as the one-horned rhinoceroses, the infamous Ganges river dolphins, and the Asiatic water buffalo.


The Philippines is famous for its thousands of unique and small islands. However, you can also have a safari experience in this country. 

In the 70s, several safari animals arrived in the country through a boat and started to live and roam here.

This safari is in a nine-thousand-acre land near Palawan, an island that boasts fantastic beaches and a water experience.

If you visit the Philippines, some of the hotels in Palawan can arrange the visit for you.


Safari experiences are prevalent in almost every African country. However, it is also available in other countries. The list we made does not include all the safaris countries, but they have the best and well-known safaris to visit.

The African countries with safaris are Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Namibia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Other countries with safaris are Borneo, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, India, and the Philippines.

If you plan on going for a Safari experience, you may consider looking at these countries for it.


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