Do Lions Eat Giraffes? (+ Attack and Kill Them?)

Giraffes are one of the tallest animals around. Thus, they can seem overwhelming for many predators. However, you may wonder if the most dangerous predators around like lions feel the same. So, you may ask:

Do lions eat giraffes? Yes, lions do eat giraffes, and they are one of the predators that mostly attack these tall animals. Lions attack and kill giraffes for their meat. Whether it’s a calf or an adult, lions will nonetheless hunt them. It’s pretty rare to see such a hunt, but it happens all the time. 

Lions are one of the dominant predators in the wild. Thus, it’s no wonder why they don’t hold back even against tall and big animals like giraffes. Since giraffes lack the fighting tools like predators, they quickly become prey despite their height.

This article will have a deeper look at lions and giraffes and how these two act against each other. This way, you’ll know how giraffes deal with such and how lions hunt them.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Do lions hunt, attack, and kill giraffes?

Lions do hunt, attack, and kill giraffes. In the wild, giraffes are only one of the many victims of lions.

These predators take on giraffes despite their towering heights. Moreover, they don’t care whether the giraffe is a calf or a full-grown adult.

Thus, a significant percentage of the giraffe population don’t reach adulthood or don’t live long. It’s all because lions are always out to hunt them.

Of course, the primary victims of lions would be the calf giraffes. However, they also hunt the middle-aged giraffes to the full-grown ones.

If a lion hunts an adult giraffe, they usually come in packs or by pairs. It’s because a single lion can’t devour a giant giraffe on its own.

Do lions eat giraffe meat?

Since lions hunt and attack giraffes, the main reason is for their meat. Lions eat giraffe meat, and it’s one of the most accessible sources of food for them.

A giraffe’s meat is quite nutritious and safe because these animals only eat plant-based food.

Moreover, giraffes are prey animals by nature. It means they don’t have any fighting tools in their bodies to repel predators like lions.

Their main advantage is height. Due to this advantage, lions can’t go for their vital spot, which is the neck. For this reason, many giraffe victims are calves since they are small enough.

If ever lions attack full-grown giraffes, they do it as pride or by pairs.

Do lions like to eat giraffe meat?

Lions like to eat giraffe meat since it’s one of their most-hunted prey all the time.

Due to their height, giraffes are easy to notice roaming around in the wild. Thus, they are the animals who always get the attention of lions.

Moreover, giraffes have a nutritious diet. Thus, their meat is undoubtedly one of the best. It’s also a great source of food for the pride of lions because giraffes have massive bodies.

Due to these reasons, giraffes tend to fall for these animals. A big part of their whole population doesn’t reach old age due to being victims of lions.

two male lions eating giraffe

Do lions eat dead giraffes?

Lions typically hunt and kill giraffes to eat them. Thus, they would eat a dead one for sure. Since it goes the same for other predators, it’s not likely that lions would find a dead giraffe lying around, not eaten.

In general, lions devour giraffes immediately upon successfully hunting and killing them.

As I said, these dangerous predators are the main reason why almost half of the giraffe population doesn’t get to grow old.

In short, lions would eat dead giraffes since they kill them for their meat. It doesn’t matter whether the giraffe is only a calf or an adult. 

How much giraffe meat lions eat?

Lions generally need around 15-25 pounds of food or even more in a day. Thus, these predators spend their time searching for prey and hunting them down. Thus, when they hunt a giraffe, they usually go by pair or by pride.

For this reason, lions can eat 15-25 pounds of giraffe meat for a day. Since giraffes can weigh thousands of pounds, they tend to be an excellent food source for these mighty animals.

It’s also for this reason that the primary victim is calf giraffes. It’s because a single lion hunter may not finish a whole full-grown giraffe.

If they ever hunt a full-grown giraffe, they may go as a group that we call a lion pride.

lion eating giraffe

How do lions attack giraffes?

Due to their towering height and heavyweight, giraffes make it challenging for lions to hunt them down.

For instance, the neck of giraffes is unreachable for lions. Since it’s the weak spot for giraffes, they don’t get down quickly.

Thus, most giraffe hunting scenes take quite some time. The strategy of lions to this hunt is by tackling and biting the legs of giraffes.

This way, the lion pride pins it down on the spot and prevents it from running away.

The pride won’t stop biting and tackling until it weakens and falls. Once the giraffe falls off balance, the whole group would start devouring its flesh.


So, do lions eat giraffes? Yes, lions do eat giraffes, and they are one of the predators that usually attack these tall animals. Lions attack and kill giraffes for their meat. Moreover, they tend to do it as a group rather than alone, especially when hunting a full-grown giraffe.

The pride of lions hunts by chasing the giraffe and pinning it down by biting on its legs. Afterward, they try to tackle it and have it lose its balance. The reason is that they can’t hit their weak spots because they are out of reach.

Since giraffes weigh thousands of pounds, a pride of lions can have plenty to share, and so they hunt one for the whole group.


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