Do Lions Like Humans? (Can Man and Lion Be Friends?)

Lions are one of the most dangerous animals in the wild, and we see them as kings of the wild. These animals are pretty aggressive, and they can attack without holding back. Despite all these, you may wonder if we can befriend them. Thus, you may ask:

Do lions like humans? Lions aren’t like the typical animals that you can take home as pets. Since they are wild animals, lions don’t like humans, and they usually see us either as potential food or prey. For this reason, it’s pretty hard for man and lion to be friends, although it’s not impossible.

Lions live in different environments than ours. Thus, it’s pretty rare for us to encounter them. However, when we do, it’s not exactly a friendly meetup. Most of it includes some chasing and imminent danger.

Below, we will shed answers to some of the questions you may ask about lions and humans. Thus, after reading this article, you can know how we can deal with these fierce kings in the wild.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Can lions be friendly to humans?

Lions can be friendly to humans. It’s possible, although relatively rare, to happen.

If you want the best example, you can search for Dean Schneider on youtube, as he shows how he is a member of a lion pride:

The first thing to note is that lions are loyal to their pride and care for it. Thus, like Dean Schneider, the best thing to be friendly with lions, especially the wild ones, is accepted as a member.

Although lions can be fierce to their prey and their enemies, they can be as loyal and protective to their family.

For this reason, we can say that lions can be friendly with humans, just like how Schneider does it.

Can lions and humans be friends?

As I said earlier, lions and humans can be friends, but it’s not like the relationship you’ll have with a dog.

Always remember that you can’t command a lion as you can with any dog. 

If you are friends with lions, you’ll need to belong to their family and be a part of the pride.

Lions are dominant animals, but they care for their pride as well. Thus, you can bond with them and spend time without you getting harmed.

Still, one thing you shouldn’t do is to try to make any lion feel that you are superior to them because it can make things dangerous for you.

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Are lions loyal to humans?

Lions are social animals, and they can live with up to 15 lions. However, they won’t be loyal to humans, and they won’t allow you to overpower them.

If you wonder if you can pet a lion and make it loyal to you, it’s like asking the wrong question to the wrong animal.

Lions can be pretty dominant and aggressive. While they treat their pride to the best they can, they can give you a hard time as pets.

The reason is that lions aren’t naturally friendly to humans. They can only do so if they accept you as part of their pride. However, you still won’t command them even then and ask them to give you their loyalty. 

Why do lions hug humans?

If you have seen some pictures and even videos on youtube, you can see that lions tend to hug other lions and even humans.

These hugs look adorable, and it’s because it’s a sign of friendship and affection.

Lions are social animals, which means they spend their time bonding with each other. 

It’s also why humans that they accept as their receive hugs and snuggles from them. 

In general, the lion hug is an expression of acceptance, saying that this one is one of our own and someone I can bond with anytime. 

At the same time, it can also mean an establishment of dominance over the other. Although they care for their pride, they still compete with each other through these expressions.

It’s a great thing to see amidst all the violence they can show whenever hunting other animals.

lion and human hugging

Do lions remember humans?

It’s pretty hard to tell whether lions remember humans, but it’s possible that they do, especially if the human is a member of their pride.

Now, if you’re wondering if they see any human as a threat and try to remember them, it’s possible, but not a proven fact.

Lions, like all other animals, act on instinct. Thus, they see humans as potential prey when they starve. At the same time, they can accept taking one as a member of their pride.

For this reason, lions in the wild usually pay more attention to their pride rather than remembering any human they might encounter.

Are lions scared of humans?

Lions are not scared of humans, and it’s the last thing these animals would show towards us. These animals are pretty dominant, and they can be pretty aggressive to anyone who threatens their dominance.

Thus, whether it’s an animal or a human, they can attack and kill without holding back.

Lions in the wild see humans more as potential prey, although they can accept one as part of their group.

Still, regardless of how lions would see humans, it won’t happen that they would fear us in any way. 


So, do lions like humans? Lions may or may not like humans. One thing to remember is that they aren’t like the typical animals you can treat as pets. Since they are wild animals, lions don’t like humans, and they usually see us either as potential food or prey. For this reason, it’s pretty hard for man and lion to be friends, although it’s not impossible.

Humans can befriend lions since some have already formed a relationship with lions as members of the pride. However, it is still impossible for lions to fear humans. The reason is that they are dominant animals and won’t agree to the feeling of having someone dominant than them.


Image credits – Canva

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